The Wisdom Of 12-Step Spirituality

A Bridge Back To Life

If we are really playing full-out we ALL hit bottom- multiple times!  It's not the hitting bottom that is the problem...It's getting up again that defines us. 


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If there is a highway to heaven, the 12 steps just may be the on-ramp.  Beyond just working for people who are recovering from addiction, the program merges psychology, spirituality, and sacred service into a path that leads to wholeness that can work for anyone.  I encourage anyone who is recovering from anything - a broken heart, the loss of a job, any addiction or behavior that is no longer working - to discover the universal path of 12-step spirituality. 

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What Others Are Saying:

From - Janet A. 5.0 out of 5 stars

Profound thinking and tools for healing

Jane's book completely blew me away! Not only was it historical and addressed the Humanities, but it also represented all the insights and steps in an incredible multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, and multi-spiritual/religious way with colors, gemstones, chakras and more, to boot... The pictures were beautiful and very uplifting. After reading it, I felt like I was literally in the hands of God. Jane is quite a gifted writer and story-teller, and I highly recommend this book, not only for practitioners and healers, but for those going through the journey of self-discovery! I can see now why you were advised to write 3 separate books! This one is awesome!

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JANE GALLOWAY  is a visionary leader and recovery educator. From California to the urban center of NYC, Jane is a leader re-defining spiritual community. She has led communities in NYC and Los Angeles, CA, is the Founder of T.R.I.B.E: Transformation/ Realization/Inspiration/Belonging/Expression.

As a person in long time recovery, Dr. Jane has developed a real appreciation for the spiritual depth of the 12-Steps as the spine for a developmental, evolutionary Inter-spiritual path.  Building upon the expansive spirituality of the AA founders, The Gateways-The Wisdom of 12-Step Spirituality incorporates psycho-spiritual systems from depth psychology, world religious traditions, body-mind healing modalities and indigenous wisdom. 

The Gateways include multi-dimensional, Inter-spiritual Body, Mind, Spirit healing tools and concrete practices to support a lifetime of 12-Step based spiritual growth.

Sacred Stories ~ The Gateways


Is there more to recovery than just staying sober and clean? Listen as Rev. Dr. Jane Galloway offers an emphatic “yes” to this question in her groundbreaking 12 Step companion guide, The Gateways: The Wisdom of 12-Step Spirituality.

As a 30+ year member of Alcoholics Anonymous, ordained minister with a doctorate in ministry, and highly successful stage and screen actor, the Rev. Dr. Jane Galloway is just the person to usher in a new way of working the 12 Steps that incorporates the full spectrum of spiritual practices available to us today.

Explore as Dr. Galloway shares that The Gateways are… A Gateway, a Bridge, an Opening into living the Spiritual Life that the Steps promise! What YOU get from this is TOOLS, Inspiration, Time to release the Shame and move into the FREEDOM.