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Dear Friends,

One of the most moving, and inspiring films I have ever seen is Searching for Sugarman, the story of a search for the artist, Sixto Rodriguez-a deeply talented man, who experienced a burst of overwhelming fame and national acclaim for his singing/songwriting. The depth of his lyrics was compared to those of Bob Dylan. He was managed by a greedy and unscrupulous manager, ripped off by the record company that promoted him and sold millions of his albums.

But more that that, Sixto was a pure creator, who couldn't deal with the machine that chews up and spits out talent. So he retreated, and "disappeared", became a kind of legend in Europe...and was found to be working as a handy man, living a quiet life utterly removed from the word of fame.

I think any artist who has experienced the sudden jolt into notoriety would understand the impulse to run away. We have some kind of built in protection of our muse, and without the right conditions for the gift to emerge, artists honestly can go mad...

The director of this film, Malik Bendjelloul, won the 2013 Academy Award for Directing.
Less than one year later, he committed suicide on the subway tracks in Sweden.The sensitivity that he had to the complex gift of Sixto Rodriguez perhaps led him on the journey to "find" that artist. We will never know why, exactly, he killed himself, but the loss is huge.

Tom Bernard and Michael Barker of Sony Pictures classics compared Bendjelloui to the subject of his debut feature.
"Much like Rodriguez himself,Malik was a genuine person who chased the world for stories to tell", they said in a joint statement. "He didn't chase fame or fortune or awards, although those accolades still found him as many others recognized his story telling."

After running out of money to shoot his film, Bendjelloul finished shooting the documentary using an iPhone app, the iPhone Super 8 app.
Here is a link to the full story.

The work of T.R.I.B.E. honors and is focused upon supporting the soul journey of the artist.

Shamans go into the Invisible and bring back a gift, but without the correct conditions, the gift and the giver, are commodified, commercialized, misused.

It is my belief that we cannot continue to lose the message or the messengers who are bringing forth prescient truths to heal our world.

Over the next few months, I will be refocusing my work, and including T.R.I.B.E. as one part of that work. We will be working on a website, on a delivery system for our wonderful events and seminars, retreats, counseling sessions, classes and gatherings, that allows a virtual community to really communicate with each other.

After next week's newsletter, we will be switching the frequency of newsletters to once a month. If you want to be part of the ongoing discussion, please do make sure to check into the present website,, and our Facebook page for inspiration and updates.

And soon there will be more:)

So get in touch with us on the site, on twitter or Facebook or contact me directly at

Guard your precious selves dear ones.
With love,






Dear T.R.I.B.E.

Here is the question.
Looking forward to the answer! :)

What is the thing that you do NATURALLY, easily, and to which you return no matter what?

What is your heart's desire?

THAT - as Emmet Fox teaches in Power Through Constructive Thinking, IS God's will for you!!

Pretty cool, huh?

Hit us up on Facebook, or our website and tell us.

Keep creating!!





Dear T.R.I.B.E.,

What is the thing that you do NATURALLY, easily, and to which you return no matter what?

What is your heart's desire?

THAT - as Emmet Fox teaches in Power Through Constructive Thinking, IS God's will for you!!

Pretty cool, huh?

Hit us up on Facebook, or our website and tell us.

Keep creating!!






Image“The world needs you. Now, the world may not exactly realize it, but wow, does it need you. It is yearning, starving, dying for you and your healing offer of service through your Art.”



Dear Friends,


The above quote is from the brilliant opera singer, Dr. Joyce Didonato’s Commencement Speech to the Julliard School class of 2014. We would like to thank Julie Carlson for sharing this inspiring link, and for recognizing the connection to TRIBE’s purpose and work.

To listen to and read the whole amazing speech (seriously, you want to do this) Click here.

One of the many qualities and gifts of the artist is to be the perpetual student, absorber of nature, energy, wisdom, the environment and catalyst and alchemist of said elements into something meaningful, beautiful, sacred.   In order to do this, we need what some call “beginner’s mind”, or the mind of a child.

In her speech, Dr. DiDonato invites the listeners to


“… Show up, fully present as you did when you first discovered the magic of your own artistic world when you were young. Bring that innocent, childlike sense of wonder to your craft, and do whatever you need to find that truth again. It will continually teach you how to be present, how to be alive, and how to let go. Therein lies not only your artistic freedom, but your personal freedom as well...”


Today we’d like to introduce to you to what we are affectionately calling the first ‘mini –Tribe”. These are 60 “at risk” middle school students from three public schools in Springfield, Massachusetts. For the past four months, these kids have been part of a pilot program called “Sonido Musica” offered through Community Music School of Springfield, to reintroduce the arts, specifically string orchestra programs back into the schools.


They have received twice-weekly instruction for an hour on recorder, violin, cello, or viola, and the results have been fantastic. Since the inception of the program mid-January, in those who participate in the program, attendance rates are up, truancy rates are down. There have been zero suspensions. Far fewer serious behavioral incidents. Kids who barely spoke are excitedly chatting on the playground before school to their musical classmates and their teacher about last night’s practicing assignment.


Students who started the program resistant because they were selected for the program (instead of volunteering) because they needed some kind of structured outlet for various reasons are now section leaders, willingly helping their peers.


Attitude is down and confidence is up. Parents have shared with tears that they see changes in their kids. Teachers say that students are completing more work on time, so that they can remain in the music program.



In a world where data-driven instruction sings louder than Art for Art’s sake, we are able to use the data to prove what we artists already know. The power of the arts is in the power of change.



Aren’t we all “at risk” in some way? Artists, and arguably, all people are at risk when we don’t create. Our spirit is at risk of atrophy. Our creative juices wither and our mood plummets. We find ourselves short tempered, and long faced. The song in our heart is quieted.


This week you are invited to remember WHAT MAKES YOUR HEART SING?


Take stock of the mini-tribe in you. The part of you that longs to remember the freedom and joy that made you love your craft in the first place. Or the part of you that is discovering what that might be! The part of you that wants to explore a new artistic avenue, pick up that guitar from the yard sale, give the watercolor class a try, work on the new piece, rest more and work less, work more and distract less, visit that friend or relative and create more depth in your relationships. The part of you that wants to share your experience or gifts with others and use your journey to support someone else’s.


Here is a video of the Sonido Musica kids, joined by another group from Community Music School at their end of the year festival last weekend.


This week you are invited to have your own inner arts festival and delight in the joy of creation and art for art’s sake.


You too will be changed.


If you would like to support the mini-tribe’s program funding for next year, you may do that here. Please specify it is for the outreach programs.

If you would like to support TRIBE, we would be so grateful if you could do that, here.


Above all, use this week, the speech from the Julliard Commencement, and the joy of these beginning performers to support the artist in you.


With love,

The TribeTeam




Send Us Your Visions for a Peaceful Future!!




There has been a lot of talk this week about remembering and memorializing. Without getting into the larger conversation of what a peaceful world could be like, a world without territorial wars resulting in devastating loss, I would like to encourage all of you to think about how the gift of imagination might be used to change the quality of every day.

The artist is an alchemist. If we place our attention on creating images of harmony, a world in which creative decision making and problem solving are the norm, and where global consciousness means that we are truly ONE, is it possible that the conversation about war and conquering might radically shift?

I would like to ask you to spend five minutes each day this next week sitting in an awareness of plenty, envisioning a world that works for everyone. I would like to ask you to enlist the efforts of your children and families and friends in imagining this kind of world. What would it look like? What would people do with all of the time they would have when they stopped trying to defend a border?

I would love to see your drawings and read your poems and songs and watch your YouTube videos on the topic Creating a Memory of Peace: Remembering from the Future. is where to send them.

Holding you all in a field of limitless possibility,

Peace out,


Keeping Alive



Dear Friends,

A friend said something in response to looking at the T.R.I.B.E. website that I think is right to the point. He said that the language is strong, and the philosophy strong, but how do you make that tangible in the world?

For over three months, T.R.I.B.E. held weekly gatherings at Raw Space Gallery in Harlem.
The gatherings were inspirational and transformational. They each begin with a guided meditation, then move on to a live performance from some genre. Some of those we have featured included an improvisational jazz violinist, a live drip painting created in real time, a ballet piece by a lead dancer from the Akun ballet, a monologue delivered by an actor, the presentation of many works of visual or performing art, These were all tied together by praise poet Caraid O'Brien's preparation for the talk, which is delivered by me.

The artists upon whom I drew for my message include Kandinsky, Louise Bourgeois, Jesus, Buddha,Carl Jung, Vincent Van Gogh, Stanislavsky, Stravinsky and more. I also teach a great deal from the Nagg Hammadi Scrolls, the Bible, and other wisdom texts.
After my talk, we invite the artists of the day to join me in a conversation about a depth topic. One week we discussed resilience, another healing from loss, another the artist's role in the political. It always ties back to the theme of the day.

People had epiphanies, began to build community and even expressed a feeling that recovery from deep wounds seemed possible through the weaving together of spiritual practice, live art, reflection, an inspirational talk and the encouragement of those of like mind.

So that is how we make it tangible in the world.
We moved to a Midtown rehearsal studio for an electric event on April 28th, and after that we have heard from so many of you.
You want us to continue meeting.
Some of you said you had been praying for something like this, and others of you said this was what church should be like.

We are thrilled to hear from all of you.

We agree.

We know now that T.R.I.B.E. works.

It seems like a once a month gathering is the perfect thing.
The plan includes other gatherings in between the monthly big one, but we don't want to give too much away yet.

Here is the point.
In order to continue, to find a stable home in a central location in NYC, and to meet monthly, we need to raise the funds to support the great model.

That is the answer to my friend's question.
We have the model, and the way we make it tangible in the world, is to raise the funds to support the work.

If twenty more people sign up to be a weekly contributor by clicking on the Donate button, we will begin to have a start.

The button is on this page, on our website, It takes on a few minutes to establish an account.

If we had a hundred people sign up to be weekly supporters...well we could really rock this thing:)

I developed this model over years of work in California and at salons in NYC, and it is exciting and meaningful beyond belief for me to be so close to really seeing it take off on both coasts.

I would love nothing more than to host you in a movement of creativity and Spirit so dynamic that our world would be really changed for the better by the expression.

Write me if you need specifics at

We have a bottom line figure for committing to a monthly gathering.
We have a great place in mind for our NYC gatherings, and an amazing year of topics ready to roll.

Keep creating friends.
Then share the gift,

Peace out,


T.R.I.B.E. What's Next? We want to hear from you!



Hello Friends,
After an absolutely wonderful event on April 28th, I have done much reflection about what comes next. It is clear to me that there is both a need and a want for what has emerged as T.R.I.B.E. The responses via e-mail and phone calls have been very moving and exciting too:) I honestly cannot overstate my gratitude for ALL of the wonderful help and support and encouragement along the way. The creation of T.R.I.B.E. has been a life long journey. I feel a great sense of gratitude and relief about having the opportunity to birth this idea that has been working me for so long.

And now I need to hear from you. I would like to know how many people feel this project is something they would like to become a part of. More specifically, what is that project? If we decide to do a real launch of T.R.I.B.E., we will need to raise funds to sustain the work of project development, find a regular and appropriate place to meet once a month, as well as develop a tribal council of leaders who really want this to come forth.

Recently, my friend Najuma Smith Pollard began a ministry in California. After leading a weekly bible study, the regular attendees of that group decided that they were ready to support her and her husband in launching a full ministry.

That is the way these projects need to happen. It can't just be that a leader has an idea. There has to be a group that feels it matters to the quality of their lives to support the work and make it happen.

Over the next two weeks, I will be listening.

Please click here to email me your thoughts and feelings.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. No matter what, I am thrilled that the gift I came to NYC to deliver has been given. I went into ministry in response to the death from AIDS of so many of my dear ones in the late 1980's and early 1990's, and last week I was able to bring the ministry full circle and welcome the dear ones back as ancestors. It was great.

Beyond that, I am not sure where this goes next, but I know the answer always shows itself if we let ourselves truly be still and know. Tell me what you are feeling. I will be listening and no matter what, I know we will all be blessed by having connected.

Keep creating,

Sending love across the quantum field,


We did it!!



T.R.I.B.E. Newsletter -
May 1, 2014


"If you bring forth what is within you,
what you bring forth will save you."
-Book of Thomas

To my friends, colleagues supporters,

There is no way I can thank you for coming to be a part of an utterly ambitious evening of T.R.I.B.E., but I shall try.

Thank you :)

What a night it was!! Even glaring fluorescent lights, unplugged projectors and missing participants could not dampen the warmth and creativity and community and meaning, and excellence and mastery and magic...and excitement in the room.

I want to thank the silent angels who made the thing really happen at the nuts and bolts level. Jeffrey Lepinske, Caraid O'Brien, Eleni Yalanis, Eduardo Vanzini, Norbert Norman, Barbara Fiscarel,Greg Halpen, Michele Campbell, Karen Osit, Mansoor Sabbagh, Stuart Ross, Debra Barsha, Niki Berg, Graham Haynes, Sally Sockwell, Ada Maris, Jyn Van Putten...and did i mention Jeffrey Lepinske? Thank you , bless you. You made something wonderful happen.

Something about the other night made me think about this story.

I once auditioned for Jimmy Coco and Will Holt for a Broadway musical (Platinum). For a callback, they asked me to learn a song overnight, a pop rock tune...I not only had my own show that night, but my accompanist was busy, so Fyvish Finkel's son Elliot, a classical pianist, worked with me. It was really crazy for me to even try to learn the piece, but I was up for the challenge.

Needless to say it was sort of a train wreck of an audition...Elliot was playing Rachmaninoff and I was trying to sing a Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr. tune. When the astonishing musical moment ended, there was a stunned silence...and then the darling Jimmy Coco said, "Kid, You have got guts."

You know what? It takes guts to get our art out there. It takes guts to keep listening to the voice of the creative genius in each of us when we are bombarded by so much pressure to make a living.

TRIBE is about focusing our energies in the direction of opening to that gift, being inspired by each other's journeys, and making us better able to stand in the power of our gift in the marketplace too!
It is about celebrating each other's triumphs, and learning from our griefs and disappointments. It is about connecting to the sacred role of the artist, and using that gift, that sacred gift, to transform the world.

The question I asked the other night, I will ask again, is this:

"What is it in you, that YOU are longing to bring forth?"

I trust you felt something of the gift I was endeavoring to deliver Monday evening.
Imagine what it will be like with a Stage Manager and crew!

We are ready for a place to meet ..(.a theatre seems right), for skilled folks to offer their talents to get us rocking and rolling. It is our intention to meet a couple more times over the summer while we build infrastructure and then to real launch right after Labor Day.

I am happy to meet with a group of your friends in your living room to talk about the idea, to spend an inspirational couple of hours, and to hear how you might help.
We need to support the venture financially, and we are open to all of your ideas about how we might do that.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of this wild adventure.
Stay tuned for the word about our next gathering. Can't wait to get to know you!!

Bring forth what is within you...It will save you...and that will save the world.

With love,




Artists Are Shamans- A Deeper Calling Through Your Art




Hello NYC,

In 1987 I left New York, moved to Los Angeles and began to try and heal from the deaths of too many friends in the theatre who had AIDS. This move opened me to the wonderful world of West Coast Theatre (South Coast Rep, Mark Taper Forum, Old Globe, LATC, Marvin's Room at the Tiffany), many television guest roles, starring roles, a feature film and work in Europe and "the provinces". I also had the great pleasure of becoming a drama therapist, where I worked with people in transition of one kind or another. I also received a mid career transition scholarship from the Screen Actor's Guild, and returned to school to earn both masters and doctoral degrees in religion, become an ordained minister in the historic AME Church, pastor a church in CA for 11 years, as well as found an Arts Education Nonprofit to serve the youth of Long Beach.

Somewhere in the midst of all of this, I realized that artists are at heart more altruistic than ministers. This was a shock, but not a surprise:) Religion is too often about power and control; art is about creative access to the deeper realms. I focused my Doctoral work, and subsequent work at USC Passing the Mantle program on trying to join together ministry and art.

I longed to share with my dear friends and colleagues in the arts, especially those from the New York theatre, some of the deep awareness I experienced while studying the Nagg Hammadi Scrolls, The Dead Sea Scrolls, and the teachings of the wise ones. I thought about presenting these ideas in a friend's living room, someplace, to open those I love so dearly to their own deeper calling - THROUGH THEIR ART.

The death of Phillip Hoffman and so many others has made us keenly aware that fame isn't any kind of answer. Artists are shamans but traditional shamans know they have a calling. Artists have to worry so much about making a living that we become commodified versions of ourselves.

I have gathered some amazing talent for the evening of Monday April 28th, at the Pearl Studios in Chelsea to riff on the idea "Being Alive As Long as we are Living". Award winning composer Debra Barsha and some of the cast of Radiant Baby- The Keith Haring musical, will join master photographer Niki Berg, Poet/Actor Alchemist Caraid O'Brien, and me and hopefully YOU to retrieve some of our power from the Invisible. We will marvel at what makes us resilient, laugh and talk and share some time retrieving our sacred selves from the pile of resume shots:)

Due to popular demand, this evening of TRIBE will be live streamed so that our friends in Los Angeles and around the world can join us online by clicking this link.

My friend and brilliant writer/director Stuart Ross will be herding us, directing the flow:)

This is my gift to you my friends.
It is finally happening for one night!!
You will tell me if you think it has value for you.
You will add your magical mojo to the mix, on Dark Night...

“Being Alive,” as Bobby said/sang in Company, is what we are asking about here among the spirits of our departed friends who will be with us that night too.

Sending love across the quantum field.