Expectations- And Other Holiday Dead Ends

tribe-2 Dear T.R.I.B.E. Friends,

For many years I worked in the theatre, and was almost always working when regular people were on vacation, or at the least, were not working. While this caused certain disruptions in family gatherings, it worked well for me. My personality is pretty much set up to work as a slightly left of center participant in the general hum of things.

Maybe it came from being a child of divorce in the 1950's, when NO ONE we knew had that status. I spent all holidays shuttling back and forth between my dad's world and my mom's world...and it turns out they were pretty different worlds! I lived in a blended family before we ever owned a blender. Families in general are an enigma to me.

So increasingly, as I am not on a theatre schedule, I find myself hyper-ventilating as holidays arrive...and I thought I would just give a shout out to all of the artists, the outcasts, the people who see life through a slightly different lens...and who try to stay relatively sober around this time of year..

I don't know how you mother or father made stuffing, or whether you opened gifts on Hanukkah or Christmas. I don't know if you sang carols or spun a draydel or chanted at an altar...but I do know that in an increasingly multi cultural world, It makes a lot of sense to try to see stuff through Zen Mind/Beginner's Mind.

Happy right now my friends. Happy right now,

Sending love across the quantum field, Jane