The Artist In You



Hey T.R.I.B.E. Friends,

I am spending the early Fall in Southern California again...for the first time in four years. One of the things I love about this part of the world is that the advent of the seasons is more subtle here. When I used to come out here from NYC to work or visit over the years, I was like a lot of New Yorkers in my situation. I would wear shorts and tank tops in December and spend every free second at the pool.

But Southern Californians don't do that! It took me years of living here to begin to feel the subtle shift in the air, to see the slightly different angle of the light as what we know as summer began to evolve into Fall. When visiting New Yorkers were hanging at the pool, Southern Californians have the good sense to know it is winter in December!

But now I can feel it in the air! Yes, there are still lemons and figs and bananas growing on the trees, Yes, people are still playing volleyball on the beach, but there is an unmistakable shift in the air.

The cultivation of the artist in each of us has to do with this kind of incremental observation of every moment. Being fully present to the moment can be painful at times, but that pain is honestly balanced by unbelievable bliss at other times. And the process of managing the shifts may be what "technique" is all about. Through the discipline of daily practicing the scales, or drawing the figure, or writing the pages, or doing the exercises, we develop an artist self- a self that can serve as a strong channel for the Muse/Ru'ach/Spirit to use.

We develop the ability to observe and be present in the subtle shifts of life, of season, of mood, of loss and gain and the rhythm of life. This is our gift.

Happy September :)
See you in NYC soon!