TRIBE A New Experience

ImageSANCTUARY 2.0 ImageTRIBE Transformation/Realization/Inspiration/Belonging/Expression Ministers Aren't Going to Change the World, Artists ARE. Wake Up Your Inner Artist, Your Creative Voice, and CREATE… a Painting, an Art Piece, a Brilliant Life, a Beautiful World... Dr. Rev. Jane Galloway Spiritual Director Donate Online! Facebook Facebook Twitter Twitter Website Website Rev. Jane is available for counseling. To set up an appointment, contact Sanctuary 2.0 Newsletter - November 7, 2013 Hey Out There!!! Wow! It is SO IMPORTANT to have the courage to take a leap of faith every now and then. I am so grateful that we have taken one, and are launching our very first brand new gathering called TRIBE -Transformation/Realization/Inspiration/Belonging/Expression. Our first meeting is this Sunday at 11 AM – 12:30 PM at the Raw Space Gallery in Harlem (Adam Clayton Powell and 121st St). I would be lying if I said that this leap hasn't been nerve wracking too. It has! I find it helpful to talk about what it actually takes to DO brave new endeavors out in the world. It takes COURAGE, and imagination. Sometimes ice cream helps too. I spent last Sunday feeling rudderless, watching three hours of Oprah's Super Soul Sunday, then getting downtown in time to cheer for my God daughter Cate as she finished the NYC Marathon, grab a quick photo op… Then, it was back home in time to watch more Oprah interviewing Patti Labelle. Yesterday, my friend Karen said, "OK, THAT’S ENOUGH. WHAT IS UP WITH SUNDAY!" After a few sideways moves, and a fabulous evening of Improvisational Jazz by the J.D. Parran Group at INTAR on 52nd St, I finally had enough Oprah and Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia. It was time to create. There is a plan and I am excited!!! This Sunday, our theme is Lost and Found. Pernell Walker will perform a monologue from an August Wilson play. We will experience some improv jazz violin with Rosi Hertlein, a wisdom talk, and share some deep conversation. This Sunday’s TRIBE will be an entirely new experience. We would like for all who join us to come with DESIRE and INTENTION and your hearts open wide. Bring some money too. We are under the radar, and over the moon. Oprah, see you in re-runs. TRIBE- Consciousness and Creativity. Peaceout, Jane