To Everything There is a Season

Dear SANCTUARY NYC Friends, We are officially embarking upon a 64-Day shared journey this Sunday, January 29th. We will be sharing as a community in The Season for Nonviolence, along with the Association for Global New Thought. We will be observing this time together as a spiritual discipline, as a deepening and learning time and as a time to really connect to the larger world in a consciousness of Transformation, Spiritual Activism and Joyous Meaning Making.

We have adopted the four Seasons of the AGNT as our "liturgical calendar" for SANCTUARY NYC. This is a beautiful and meaningful way of focusing our efforts, and our education and our work in the world year round, upon a transformational theme.

Our Sunday services during February/ Season for Nonviolence (see events on our website) will also be graced with the diverse music, poetry, story telling and dance of the African Diaspora. One of the deep roots of American spirituality comes through the tradition of the Black Church. As an honoring of this "deep river" we are traveling through art and message into an understanding and appreciation of that uniquely American spiritual art form.

We are so looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

See you Sunday, Keep Creating!

With love, Rev. Jane