Like an Urban Burning Man- Without the Roughing It Part with Dr. Jane Galloway

The focus of T.R.I.B.E. is to educate and inspire  the artist in each of us to re-connect with our sacred role as social, spiritual, political and emotional activists.

Our mission is to point people toward their best life by connecting them with their Source and Purpose. We offer strength for the Journey with community gatherings, online content, support circles, workshops, curriculum, classes  and events.


Connect to the Change Agent in you through ART, community, depth teachings. 

Each of us is an artist- a Co-Creator with Source.
Professor Brian Bates, in his book "The Way of the Actor" teaches that the artist - especially the actor- is like a Shaman. The Shaman's art is to go into the Invisible and bring back a gift for the health and enlightenment of the community.
Without a sensitized place to deliver the gift, it is thrown away, devalued, misunderstood. At a time when the planet is in peril, when education has been dumbed down to limit critical thinking in our youth, the teaching and practice of the Arts is a radical act.

Artists notice things.
Artists ask questions.

Artists are grounded in a visionary force that propels, creates, makes new worlds and opens doors to a possible future beyond appearances. We use the ARTS and depth teachings to create a place for people to Reflect, Be Inspired and Transform…first themselves and then the world.


Your donations support Dr. Jane's work, and make it possible for these teachings to be offered as widely as possible. Whatever you offer is received with gratitude.

Thank you so much.

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"Pick a Path, ANY Path, and go deeper."
Paramahansa Yogananda

Our experience is designed to transform... pointing people toward their best life by connecting them with their Source and Purpose.