Psycho- Spiritual Life Coaching

 We’re all Recovering From Something!

My psycho-spiritual counseling practice focuses on helping people to see the nucleus of their potential. Then holistic practices and depth work activate health.

 I support clients by listening deeply to both presenting complaints and the deeper longings of the heart.

Then, by holding the highest vision of what is possible for them we develop a healing map to move from one to the other!

The map utilizes psycho-spiritual, body, mind, spirit tools to activate healing, esteem, motivation, clarity and action.

I am also experienced in Intervention and Referral and refer clients for specialized treatment when indicated.

I lead individual, group and couple work, retreats and seminars,   

Some areas of focus are:

Relief from depression, anxiety, bereavement, family issues, addiction and recovery- with an emphasis on wellness based recovery, life path transitions, physical challenges, age related concerns, caregiving.

Support for the search for meaning over the lifespan.

Diet and nutrition, exercise, community building, 

My book- "The Gateways- the Wisdom of 12-Step Spirituality" presents a holistic approach to psycho-spiritual growth. 

 Jesus actually was a holistic teacher...actually a kind of homeopath of the heart. His teaching in Matthew 13:31-32, teaches that if we have faith the size of a mustard seed, it is not only sufficient but has to potential of opening "The Kingdom" to us.

Homeopathy is based upon the ingestion of minute doses of substances that in a healthy person ...and a greater size dose, would cause illness or disease.
The immune system responds to the "medicine" and activates immunity in the person so that health is built from the inside out.
My spiritual counseling practice focuses on helping people to see the nucleus of their potential. Then holistic practices and depth work activate health.
"The Kingdom of God is Within You" is both a teaching of Jesus (Luke 17:21), and is also the title of a philosophical treatise by Leo Tolstoy- an interpretation of Christianity focusing on Universal Love (which is of course, the Jesus teaching)..
Love is not a feeling...It is an action, and the discovery of the seeds of love within are the holistic approach to health of body/mind and Spirit.

Or as the old Dannon yogurt ad said," If you take care of the inside, the inside takes care of the outside".

Wellness Coaching

 Take small actionable steps daily toward your goals.

 Learn Heart-Mind-Spirit practices and daily tools that lead to lifestyle  shifts. 

 Learn how to do less and get more done 

 Chart your continuous improvement

 Redirect yourself through the challenges in life 

 Establish “Coherence”-  a physiological response in which the  immune, hormonal, and nervous systems function in energetic coordination



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 Educator, Interfaith Minister, Transition Coach, Recovery Educator, Interventionist, Author with over 25 years of experience working with adults, youth & communities. 

 Founder of T.R.I.B.E.(Transformation/Inspiration/Inspiration/Belonging/Expression),

 Master of Arts in Religion, Doctorate of Ministry- Claremont School of Theology  Claremont, CA

Professional Certificates in Victimology and Alcohol and Drug Studies- Cypress College- Cypress, CA

Bachelor of Fine Arts- Webster University St. Louis, MO