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Jane Galloway


Dr. Jane S. Galloway


JANE GALLOWAY is a visionary leader and recovery educator. From California to theurban center of NYC, Jane is a leader re-defi ning spiritual community. She has ledcommunitiesin NYC and Los Angeles, CA, is the Founder of T.R.I.B.E: Transformation/ Realization/Inspiration/Belonging/Expression.

As a person in long time recovery, Dr. Jane has developed a real appreciation for the spiritualdepth of the 12-Steps as the spine for a developmental, evolutionary Inter-spiritual path.  Building upon the expansive spirituality of the AA founders,  The Gateways-The Wisdomof 12-Step Spiritualityincorporates psycho-spiritual systems from depth psychology,  world religious traditions, body-mind healing modalities and indigenous wisdom.  TheGatewaysinclude multi-dimensional, Inter-spiritual Body, Mind, Spirit healing tools andconcrete practices to support a lifetime of 12-Step based spiritual growth.


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I have always been impressed by the clarity, intelligence, passion and compassion that Jane brings to her work as she has sought to build a community of mutually supportive spiritual explorers. It is my hope that this work will inspire individuals to take their own journey and that as part of that journey, the need to be committed to and with others will be clear
— Rev. Dr. Robert Brashearr
...let me tell you I fi nd the way you marry the 12 Steps with the Spiritual to be just as important a concept as the Big Book. I feel as if you are talking directly to me in language that will especially appeal to modern society, especially women.Your book is really helping me in my own sobriety and in my Spiritual Path. I fi nally have a Spiritual Path. That’s what’s been missing for my entire Sobriety.
— Judith Loniak L.V.N.