A Beautiful Life

When I was in high school, I had several passions... and none of them were acting! My speech and journalism teacher, Mr. Donohue, asked me if I had ever thought of being in a play ( to which I answered NO). He said he thought he had a perfect role for me and encouraged me to try it... and the truth is that my mother was so enthusiastic about my acting chops that she became convinced this was what I should pursue. And I was willing to do anything to get my mothers approval.

But here were my passions! Journalism ( writing especially) and Fashion ( I wrote a fashion column for the school paper) and... Music...( singing). I sang every day in the wonderful Senior Choir ( thank you Miss Bruno!) and later on Broadway too actually. Teaching ... Comedy, And helping people!!!

Acting was easy for me but it always seemed kind of tedious...to me... It was fun many times... and could be extremely challenging, and at times lucrative but...anyplace where the color of your hair is that big a deal... It was never my passion.

Somewhere along my journey I discovered that photography and painting and design were real passions... and I do all of them ..BUT, I need more skill to do them really well. Being self taught is cool but at a certain point...

By the way, when you really see someone whose passion acting is, it is a thrill. I am so delighted to see my younger brother Sam's deep love for the craft. He is the real deal, and he truly loves the work. I think in this regard too, of my friends and colleagues Peter Van Nordenand Anna McNeely, Randy Danson, Sally Sockwell... Christine Ebersole... Tony Plana...They just LOVE acting... and they are all wonderful at it too. And that is so cool...

But I honestly could not wait to get on with deeper passions of mine. I thought I might be able to combine some of these loves ... through ministry... I am called to ease suffering , to build community and to raise consciousness ... And - after 15 years in the field- when I discovered what went into all of that... I had to seriously re-assess. There is a saying that ministers sometimes say jokingly, " Churches are like sausage. Once you find out how they're made... " 📷😎

The idea of excluding anyone from a full and free exploration of their deepest spiritual self is anathema to me. And when I learned that this is a function of so many churches... Not for me.

Nope. Even with both Masters and Doctoral Degrees... and years of studying World Religions- I just can't do it...because if you aren't welcome ... I don't want to be there either.

And the truth is... I am interested in YOU!! I want to know what makes you tick, how you overcome adversity, where you got that great dress, or shoes, or how you made that fabulous dessert or pesto or gazpacho. I want to hear how you are making it through these challenging times, and how you put that outfit together..I want to know what you do to make your life beautiful ...

And I want to hear how you feel about some of the deepest issues of your heart...

I love to facilitate conversations about touchy topics too... among people who think they disagree with one another... to find the place where we are ONE.

So Monday I start the adventure of learning how to create a beautiful platform to host all of that stuff... I am enrolled in a fine arts program for media studies, and soon will be expanding my web presence!  A Beautiful Life is what I'm after here...for me and for all of us really;)... and about that... I am truly passionate!


Stay tuned.