Hey T.R.I.B.E. Friends,

A million lifetimes ago I was in a hit Off Broadway show that started with the three actresses spending half an hour at onstage dressing tables "getting ready" . It was a genius concept, and allowed for a time that was actually my favorite part of the whole show...I got to watch the audience watch us, but I also got to just people watch, to SPY on people and get paid for it:) . It interested me SO MUCH to see how people interacted with each other, who was happy, what was happening with couples and friends and sometimes even with Secret Service agents if a political figure was in the audience.

I was interested in how people connected or didn't, and while I always love all of my creative work as actor, writer, director, community builder, ordained minister, counselor, educator, life coach, curator etc.., what I am really interested in is being a catalyst for connection! 

A couple of years ago, I hired a marketing guru to help me get at what it is I do...and that is how T.R.I.B.E. was born. After the guru listened really carefully to me, she said "You are a kind of urban Burning Man, without the roughing it part."  YES!! Love it!  I then took some of her ideas to part of my fabulous mini tribe in NYC, and we got at the essence of what it is about to gather in the way I love to gather. The word tribe was all through the guru's suggestions, but I kept using it as an adjective like Tribal...whatever, 
My friend finally said "I like just TRIBE,", and then she came up with the idea of creating an acronym. We came up with those elements that make up the who, what, when, where, why of T.R.I.B.E. in that group, and I have been working with some of you, to create opportunities for conscious gathering ever since.
The acronym is about DOING:  Transformation, Realization, Inspiration, Belonging, Expression  T.R.I.B.E.!!

See, I am interested in why people gather, and how we interact with one another when we gather. It is the coming together for a creative purpose that means something. 
I have found that people come to gatherings the way they show up for life. Some folks are down for the whole process of preparation and planning and creation and clean up! Others come late, leave early and send e-mails afterward:)  Some engage and then retreat and then engage again. And others say how sorry they are to have missed an event...and then miss the next one too!

T.R.I.B.E. is a wonderful "Urban Burning Man without the roughing it part" umbrella for many expressions..
For now, I am very excited about my work with the 12 Step Nation, and am teaming up with Rev. Sunshine Daye on a great event on June 20 in CA. called "Rev My Recovery". We are all in recovery from something, and the idea of moving ON and IN and not getting stuck interests us. One of the areas that many people seem to have some struggle is the finding of a Higher Power that works. We will be looking at many sides of that search, and through this day long Recovery Summit, we will discover tools and ideas and ways "to be" that support us beyond Phase One Recovery. Sign up info coming soon!.

But about T.R.I.B.E, for anyone who really doesn't quite get it...I am all about using experience and relationships in community as the catalyst for Co-Creating an ever evolving reality for good. And artists understand what making "something out of nothing" is all about, so I am interested in appealing to the artist in you.

I LOVE one of The Promises in the 12 Steps- "You will not regret the past, nor wish to shut the door on it."  I LOVE weaving new experiences out of some of the strands of things that have maybe been painful or confusing. That IS ALCHEMY,  spinning gold out of base metal:)  My favorite thing to do!!!

So stay tuned to the emerging work of T.R.I.B.E., if you are interested that is. It is about community as a social/ spiritual/ artistic practice...and it keeps moving! You will see these changes reflected on the website as I figure out how to do that:)

What an exciting time to be alive!  EVERYTHING is shifting...Some institutions are falling apart and some people are making swift transitions to the next level of reality. A LOT is happening energetically, in the quantum field, and we have the opportunity to be a part of that rather than trying to remain a fixed something in an ever revolving Universe.

So THIS is what T.R.I.B.E. is all about.
Look forward to seeing you SOON at one or another opportunity to be artist of possibility in community. in NYC or CA, or online or...

Happy Spring!! Finally!!,



In 1999 I saw a film directed by Spike Jonze, starring John Malkovich as a fictional version of himself, called “Being John Malkovich”. In the film, actor John Cusack, plays Craig, an unemployed puppeteer who finds a portal/trap door in the office where he is doing temp work as a filing clerk. That tiny trap door leads to the inside of the fictional John Malkovich’s mind (played by the real John Malcovich).

Craig enters the small door hidden behind a filing cabinet and finds himself in the mind of John Malkovich, able to observe and sense whatever Malkovich does for fifteen minutes before he is ejected and dropped into a ditch near the New Jersey Turnpike…beginning a weird obsession with the experience. He gets a side business going, selling access to Malkovich’s inner sanctum: $200.00 for 15 minutes. Finally he gets the thing wrong and ends up permanently in a whole other character’s inner life and unable to get out.

A little over four years ago I walked into a field of vast projections of many about a fabulous woman  whom I had never met. She was the Co-founder and lead personality of a kind of phenomenon in New York City, a spiritual center/social gathering/inspirational home to many, and after a ride there of eight or nine years, left her role as leader.

So this is where I came in. I was hired, sort of, to be the Director and charismatic fictional replacement for this marvelous person, about a year and a half after she had left. I had no idea that I was walking into my own version of the trap door behind the file cabinet. From the second I arrived in NYC, where I lived and worked for twenty wonderful years in the 70’s and 80’s, I found myself entering a vast field of projections…most of them about the elusive previous leader..

I finally figured out that I was hired to fill in some space she had left empty, but what that space was about had essentially nothing to do with my gifts or talents or…well, it had nothing to do with ME! It was wild! I have short cropped hair, am a charismatic story teller/ actor who is also an ordained minister. I think that was the basic niche I was hired to fill…but content was not required…there were plenty of her tapes and CD’s around so I could just stand in and…Hmmm, and do what?

See my thing was that I really wanted to be back in NYC, AND I had a gift to deliver to my many wonderful friends there in the theater, who had endured the AIDS crisis in the late 80’s. I actually left the city for California in part because I was going under with grief all those years ago, and while I had a wonderful acting career on both coasts for many years, the undertow of AIDS pulled me into a new career of ministry.

I had a really cool and creative ministry in Long Beach, CA for eleven years, and weirdly one day a friend of a friend Carolyn, came into my office after a service and said,” You remind me so much of a friend of mine in NYC!  You two should meet! You would love her!!”

So by the way, if anyone ever tells you that you remind them so much of someone and that you should meet because you will love one another etc…RUN!! I mean, you can either run or not, but my life experience has shown me that this kind of thing rarely works out.

Anyway, no matter what I did to break the spell, my experience as the character in the projection screen was a huge crazy lesson in saying yes to that little door behind the filing cabinet, and ending up stuck in somebody else! It was TOTALLY WEIRD to realize that almost everyone I was talking to had a kind of lens in their 3d movie glasses, or tinted contact lenses, or Persol shades, of somebody else’s face..

I learned from being the screen on which many people’s unfinished business with the founder of this super cool place was projected, who she was to THEM, to the many people who had positive/ negative/ aspirational/ acquisitional fantasies, agendas, hurt feelings, memories, unrequited love affairs Etc. with this magical mystery character. I was sent to be a holographic replacement for someone who had a real Hermes bag and was fabulous in many ways…

But see, nobody can be somebody else. (although the Hermes bag part sounded intriguing)  That projection screen was WAY too alive for anyone to walk into with a new idea…especially someone who was hired to basically be a body double!! And THAT was simply not my thing at all.

I did meet her once. I went to hear her speak at a weeknight gathering in Manhattan. She was all I had heard…charismatic, inspiring, cool in many ways…Afterward I greeted her and she said, “You look just like your picture.”  Mmmm  Well I guess that is a good thing!!  I mean, I hate those resume shots of people that look like they looked forty years ago. I left humming a tune from Chorus Line, “Who Am I anyway, Am I my resume…This is a picture of a person I don’t know etc.”

So, I am sure you got the point of this a couple of paragraphs back, right? We see WHAT WE SEE THROUGH…and that is a lesson about LIFE!!!

Another interesting thing.last year, after a great four year’s in NYC, I walked back into a different projection screen in CA…based on my OWN previous Jane Galloway self and my work in the community- as seen through different lenses. It has been a sweet and sort of weird ride to experience that too!!. I am super touched by some of it, a little uneasy about some of it, and aware in a new way that who I am …and of course by extension, who YOU are, is ever evolving. But I will own my projection screen. I guess I earned it!

I can tell you for sure though that I am Jane Galloway, not John Malkovich, Michael Beckwith or…you know, not a holographic stand in for anyone! And YOU dear friends,  are YOU…not a second rate impression of anyone else.     And that is the coolest thing of all really!!

And by the way, I am so grateful…I DID get to deliver the gift to my own T.R.I.B.E. in NYC last Spring…We collectively welcomed back so many dear, talented friends who left us during the AIDS epidemic. Graham Haynes played the coronet, and a beautiful guest artist played a sitar and we welcomed them back. We called their names and wrote their names and celebrated the coming together in the Invisible of the whole cast of characters.

And maybe that was what I went back to NYC to do.

So thank you talented founder of a phenomenon,  for inadvertently opening that door behind the file cabinet for me to find my way back to some of my own unfinished business. And thank you to every soul who shared your journey with me. She sure magnetized some cool people!! You really are all so sophisticated and stylish and talented in many ways …It was an honor to be your projection screen for a minute. I look forward to meeting some of you one day!

I am excited about the projects I am working on now.  Stay tuned for Rev. Your Recovery coming in June, for a new book on 12 Step Spirituality and a prose poem/performance piece “Everybody’s Talkin’ ’bout Heaven Ain’t a Goin’ There”, about St. Louis and me and Ferguson and you…

And while I would love to have a real Hermes bag for a day, I really hate having to carry a purse at all.

Only you can be you…and THAT is where the great trap door behind the filing cabinet opens for us…into the fullness of our own magnificence.

See you at the movies:)    Happy Spring!!!




Dear TRIBE friends,

Time, my friend has said, can be a very fast illusion.
I've been thinking about time lately, and reading about it too.

Linear time is dominating the lives of a lot of folks these days. It is clock and goal oriented, We tend to wear out eventually running our lives by that model.
Natural Time is what everyone went by until the electric light was invented.  Parents of infants find that if they go by natural time, they are more in sync with their babies' circadian rhythms. Just one hundred years ago people would not have considered working after dark, because there were only candles to do that by.
Then there is Spiritual Time. Spiritual Time isn't linear, draws from multi- dimensional layers of reality and past/present/future are all part of the mix. the arts deal in that zone.
And Aboriginal people of Australia understand Dream Time, where communication with the ancestors and the multi dimensional universe happens.

This is a time, a moment, of transition according to linear time and certain cultures and calendars, and really another moment in the ever present Now according to  liminal zone time keeping. There is great value in honoring moments like this, when times come together. 

What time do you keep?

Sending love across the quantum field.

Happy New Year,



Dear T.R.I.B.E. fans, friends and family,
Feng Shui is both a gentle and powerful tool for establishing order, removing clutter, and clearing energy. It is an ancient Chinese philosophical system that means Wind- Water and is designed to harmonize people with the surrounding environment.
It is also described as the art of placement, and is so powerful that it can literally pop mirrors off of walls as the Chi begins to flow after an adjustment.

Cleaning and rearranging your world can also involve relationship feng shui. All people come into our world for some reason. It is however, a powerful tool to allow old assumptions about people to move along as well, as a part of preserving inner harmony..

As this calendar year comes to a close, I am finding that many relationships and conditions in my life have changed dramatically over the last year. Some were surprises and seeming losses, and others have even been shocks! Others have simply involved my having the courage to look at the truth of a situation, and act accordingly. Through it all, I have been aware of the working of the order of things...toward simplicity, toward greater clarity, toward harmony.

The work of T.R.I.B.E. is finding a kind of form I never would have imagined. I am intrigued by it, and grateful, even as I have to remind myself that my inner artist is the one that is clarifying things.

If you would like to support the next year's work, events, newsletters, website, coaching, there will be a new way to do it after the first of the year. Pay Pal will accept your donations, which will not be tax deductible. They will be an investment in the service we provide.

Clear out a cabinet, re-examine a friendship, allow anything that is part of the past but not the present to go. It already has anyway, but you will be amazed at how wonderful the new is when it is unencumbered by the clutter of an old idea.

Sending love and gratitude.
Can't wait to see what this next year will bring,



Dear T.R.I.B.E. Friends,

Well, it appears that I am just recovering from a whirlwind week in Times Square at the TANK NY for a really wonderful evening on November 16th.  If you  missed it, you missed a lot.  
THANK YOU to every person who had a part in making that evening a truly wonderful one.

And thank you all for accompanying me on this journey into what it is that makes us alive. The heart of the artist in each of us is the place where we and Spirit Co-create. This is your gift to the world, and only you can be you. The core of the work I am committed to doing is to create a context for each person to listen to their own unique gift...cultivate and share it to make our world a better, more loving, more humane place for all people.
Every person needs a tribe, where they can contribute, receive, teach, learn, inspire and be inspired. My attempt to find the place where I can be of maximum service led me to each of you, and I am immeasurably grateful for that.
As the year of 2014 winds down, I am going to be making some changes to the newsletter, and to the idea of T.R.I.B.E.

Stay tuned :)
Sending you love and blessings from the left coast,